Pudding time

I have never been much of a fan of Christmas pudding, the time it takes to make it, the serving up, the potential fire hazard (I used to be the office fire warden). So this year we will be having bread and butter pudding - made by dear old sis following a tried and trusted Gary Rhodes recipe. My brother is hosting the dinner this year, but we are all contributing a dish or two as he had never attempted to cook for so many people. I am doing the roast potatoes, cooked in goose fat, as well as glazed carrots.

Last year we hosted the dinner, I had just found out I was pregnant with twins and was already HUGE and panicking about how we would cope. D cooked the actual meal while I fretted. My sister was 4 weeks away from her due date and her older daughter gave everyone the flu! This year is going to be a massive celebration as my parents will be there with all seven grandchildren round the table.


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