Thursday, 28 April 2011

Here comes the Bride....

Now the twins 2nd birthday is over (successful Easter Egg hunt, no allergic reactions), I can get onto the more important things in life - The Royal Wedding...I have to say last week I had total apathy for it but now my interest is hitting a crescendo. Walking through central London with all the bunting out, lots of banners congratulating Kate and William and the crowds. My goodness it seems the world plus his Press Corp are all here. I know for a fact one American broadcaster has sent a 400 crew over to cover the proceedings. Very excessive don't you think?

Tomorrow Curly Haired Beauty and I will dress up in our wedding outfits; me in my original wedding gown, she is undecided on her silk Monsoon bridesmaid dress (recent present from Grandma) or her Princess Leia dress. We will sit and watch the wedding on TV eating homemade ice lollies . Twins will hopefully be napping, D will be out at a DIY store to escape the nuptials. I will share with you another time how to make a lovely fruity ice lolly that's dead easy to do.

Now let me explain to you many years ago when D and I was a courting couple; we went to an amazing and fun filled wedding at Pinewood Studios. It was a Hollywood theme and I went as Princess Leia (wearing a wig) and an R2D2 handbag. D went as Luke Skywalker with a lightsabre. We have a photo in our bedroom of us in our costume and for some reason Curly Haired Beauty thinks this is our REAL wedding photo. I never gave it much thought about this mix-up but these last few weeks she has been asking to wear the same dress and have her hair like mine in the photo. She calls my hair the snail hat.....my wig was made of pure nylon, the fake hair looked plastic. Go figure the mind of a 4 year old!

Actually I should really correct her mistake as she is now telling us the reason why she is not in this photo is she was hiding in mummy's tummy. LOL

So wherever you are and whatever plans you have for this Bank Holiday weekend, enjoy yourself with loved ones. Peace out

Monday, 18 April 2011


Helloooooo I've got a lot on at the moment so sorry for the radio silence. Am still on Twitter but with the Twins 2nd birthday coming up, shorter working weeks with the Bank Holidays, I have a million and one things to fit in.

1) After many trials I found two perfect egg-free cake recipes, one is chocolate with fromage frais, the other has yoghurt and dried cranberries. Both will be decorated with mascapone cheese cheese with a little icing sugar folded in, topped with fresh berries in the shape of a '2'. Easier to do than to ice it myself and try and pipe a design. It's bad enough trying to bake one birthday cake but to have to make two, I'm looking for good shortcuts!

2) What are the chances of the glorious sunshine lasting through to Easter Sunday? Do I get one of these sails to rig in the garden so the Easter Egg hunt can take place without anyone getting sun burnt?

Or more likely will we need wellies and brollies???? Kids won't mind being wet if there are chocolate to be had. All chocolate eggs are by Kinnerton so perfect for Mr. Fashion (who has never really eaten chocolate before) this will probably send him wild to discover a new taste sensation. Poor kid, his restrictive diet means he never gets the fun good stuff to eat! Oh well there are plenty of time ahead of him to find out the delights of junk food when/if he out grows his allergies.

3) I have made a real effort to properly cleanse, tone and moisturise my face every morning and night (rather than a swipe with a wet wipe). My skin feels amazing and the effects of the Elemis facial has lasted really well. A tip I received during my facial if I am time strapped; apply a very thin layer of face mask instead of night cream and sleep with it on. Next day wash it off and hey presto your skin will glow.

4) Daily wardrobe crisis - not got all my Spring clothes out of the attic, so I am still half in Winter gear and either swelter or feel so wrong still dressed in black. I need more colour in my life

all available from Net-a-Porter

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Clean

My face feels so soft, sparkling clean and radiant again - yep I sound like an advert for a kitchen cleaner! At last I finally got myself down the the Elemis Spa Pod at John Lewis for my Power Booster Facial. Originally a birthday treat (last October) but life got in the way, kids got sick etc and I had to use the voucher up before it expired in May!

I had a in-depth skin analysis, a scary photo done to show all the damage, pollution, age lines and map where my congested area was.  No surprises my skin was suffering after a poor cleansing routine. Last few months I had bearly the energy to use a facial wipe and this has lead to blocked pores, dehydrated skin and lack of radiance. So a Tri-enzyme resurfacing facial was recommended and was taken to a private room with soothing dim lights and new age music wafting in the background. I parked myself into the hugest vibrating massage chair and had all manner of lovely smelling gloop rubbed in, wiped off, hot clothes, tingly serums massaged into my face. Plus a bonus hot stone massage on my shoulders and arms. I felt wonderful afterwards and not even the huge down pour could spoil my mood for the journey home.

Right now in-store there is a super duper deal for the pro-collagen marine cream, oxygenating night cream and eye renewal cream at 50% off for £75 (normally £160) a real bargain for those who know how fabulous this moisturiser is. It also comes with the silver vanity case.

NB this was not a sponsored post but a belated birthday present from D. Mwah x  He actually noticed how amazing my skin looks tonight.....

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Belated Mothers Day post

It was my 4th Mothers Day on Sunday - no special treat, no lie in, no breakfast in bed, all on my own looking after the 3 tots whilst D went to work. But for once it wasn't too much of a chore/bore. I felt happier, a mood has lifted and for once I am not so stressed out of over the little health niggles; the twins seems to be constantly catching colds, coughs and croup since November.

Last week they were finally discharged from hospital - they got the all clear from their Paediatrician. After nearly two years under Dr. A's care, he declared they were very big boys and no longer needed any more follow up appointments. He was happy, I was happy....They are going to be OK, just fine and dandy, no more worries about them being born so early. No more guilt, no more sadness, no more trips to the hospital (unless a leg drops off).

So big fanfare TA DAAAA- I am giving them new names to reflect their current nature: Twin 2 is The Foley Artist (my former childhood ambition) - he just loves to talk and name everything. So a Cat is 'Cat, Miaow Miaow' he just has to make the sound effect. When he see's a car he points & shouts Car and followed by the motor noise. His longest sentence is Bye Bye, see you later; accompanied by frantic hand waving.  Which may not seem much by way of comparison to his older sister who at 17 months could say 'Uh oh no batteries, go shopping and buy some more'. Yep she won't shut up, can't stop chatting and carries on way past her bedtime talking to herself. A regular Miss Chatterbox. The Foley Artist has come along so much since he started walking at 22 months. The Physio checked him over and said there was nothing wrong with him. He just didn't want to walk! He loves repeating new words, reading books and into building with Duplo lego.

Mr. Fashion, Toddler Wild Thing, former Twin 1 is still wild, super cheeky really knows how to wind his big sister up, gets into all sorts of mischief. Likes to test everything to the limit, including my patience. But I wouldn't have him any other way. I don't have a favorite (they all take turns depending how angelic they have been) but I am sure he is my mum's favorite grandchild. Maybe its because he looks so like my brother or he is really flirty and blows kisses at everyone to get round them accompanied by a cheeky smile. He has a penchant for trying on his sisters shoes, put on her clothes when she is not looking, play with her Princess kitchen, Barbie house etc. So I am doing a great job in bringing him up gender neutral! If any one out there thinks this is wrong - hey get your own kid. This is how he likes to play and he still does like doing typical boy games like kicking a ball, eating sand, toy trains etc. He idolises his big sister and before the twins arrived, our home was a big pink homage to all things Hello Kitty and girly.