Helloooooo I've got a lot on at the moment so sorry for the radio silence. Am still on Twitter but with the Twins 2nd birthday coming up, shorter working weeks with the Bank Holidays, I have a million and one things to fit in.

1) After many trials I found two perfect egg-free cake recipes, one is chocolate with fromage frais, the other has yoghurt and dried cranberries. Both will be decorated with mascapone cheese cheese with a little icing sugar folded in, topped with fresh berries in the shape of a '2'. Easier to do than to ice it myself and try and pipe a design. It's bad enough trying to bake one birthday cake but to have to make two, I'm looking for good shortcuts!

2) What are the chances of the glorious sunshine lasting through to Easter Sunday? Do I get one of these sails to rig in the garden so the Easter Egg hunt can take place without anyone getting sun burnt?

Or more likely will we need wellies and brollies???? Kids won't mind being wet if there are chocolate to be had. All chocolate eggs are by Kinnerton so perfect for Mr. Fashion (who has never really eaten chocolate before) this will probably send him wild to discover a new taste sensation. Poor kid, his restrictive diet means he never gets the fun good stuff to eat! Oh well there are plenty of time ahead of him to find out the delights of junk food when/if he out grows his allergies.

3) I have made a real effort to properly cleanse, tone and moisturise my face every morning and night (rather than a swipe with a wet wipe). My skin feels amazing and the effects of the Elemis facial has lasted really well. A tip I received during my facial if I am time strapped; apply a very thin layer of face mask instead of night cream and sleep with it on. Next day wash it off and hey presto your skin will glow.

4) Daily wardrobe crisis - not got all my Spring clothes out of the attic, so I am still half in Winter gear and either swelter or feel so wrong still dressed in black. I need more colour in my life

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