Belated Mothers Day post

It was my 4th Mothers Day on Sunday - no special treat, no lie in, no breakfast in bed, all on my own looking after the 3 tots whilst D went to work. But for once it wasn't too much of a chore/bore. I felt happier, a mood has lifted and for once I am not so stressed out of over the little health niggles; the twins seems to be constantly catching colds, coughs and croup since November.

Last week they were finally discharged from hospital - they got the all clear from their Paediatrician. After nearly two years under Dr. A's care, he declared they were very big boys and no longer needed any more follow up appointments. He was happy, I was happy....They are going to be OK, just fine and dandy, no more worries about them being born so early. No more guilt, no more sadness, no more trips to the hospital (unless a leg drops off).

So big fanfare TA DAAAA- I am giving them new names to reflect their current nature: Twin 2 is The Foley Artist (my former childhood ambition) - he just loves to talk and name everything. So a Cat is 'Cat, Miaow Miaow' he just has to make the sound effect. When he see's a car he points & shouts Car and followed by the motor noise. His longest sentence is Bye Bye, see you later; accompanied by frantic hand waving.  Which may not seem much by way of comparison to his older sister who at 17 months could say 'Uh oh no batteries, go shopping and buy some more'. Yep she won't shut up, can't stop chatting and carries on way past her bedtime talking to herself. A regular Miss Chatterbox. The Foley Artist has come along so much since he started walking at 22 months. The Physio checked him over and said there was nothing wrong with him. He just didn't want to walk! He loves repeating new words, reading books and into building with Duplo lego.

Mr. Fashion, Toddler Wild Thing, former Twin 1 is still wild, super cheeky really knows how to wind his big sister up, gets into all sorts of mischief. Likes to test everything to the limit, including my patience. But I wouldn't have him any other way. I don't have a favorite (they all take turns depending how angelic they have been) but I am sure he is my mum's favorite grandchild. Maybe its because he looks so like my brother or he is really flirty and blows kisses at everyone to get round them accompanied by a cheeky smile. He has a penchant for trying on his sisters shoes, put on her clothes when she is not looking, play with her Princess kitchen, Barbie house etc. So I am doing a great job in bringing him up gender neutral! If any one out there thinks this is wrong - hey get your own kid. This is how he likes to play and he still does like doing typical boy games like kicking a ball, eating sand, toy trains etc. He idolises his big sister and before the twins arrived, our home was a big pink homage to all things Hello Kitty and girly.


  1. welcome to Mr Foley Artist and Mr Fashion.

    great news they are now big boys!


  2. Fab news ref no longer 'special' alls well that ends well. Sounds like they are both characters & as for dressing up the petit garcon still does in my things! xx

  3. So glad the boys got the all clear! Sounds like a very entertaining household!

  4. hi just found your blog via Twitter which I have just joined. Have enjoyed catching up on some of your posts and will be following from now on. Great news about your boys feeling better now too. If you get a chance pop over to or on Twitter @muminmeltdown.
    Thanks T


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