Here comes the Bride....

Now the twins 2nd birthday is over (successful Easter Egg hunt, no allergic reactions), I can get onto the more important things in life - The Royal Wedding...I have to say last week I had total apathy for it but now my interest is hitting a crescendo. Walking through central London with all the bunting out, lots of banners congratulating Kate and William and the crowds. My goodness it seems the world plus his Press Corp are all here. I know for a fact one American broadcaster has sent a 400 crew over to cover the proceedings. Very excessive don't you think?

Tomorrow Curly Haired Beauty and I will dress up in our wedding outfits; me in my original wedding gown, she is undecided on her silk Monsoon bridesmaid dress (recent present from Grandma) or her Princess Leia dress. We will sit and watch the wedding on TV eating homemade ice lollies . Twins will hopefully be napping, D will be out at a DIY store to escape the nuptials. I will share with you another time how to make a lovely fruity ice lolly that's dead easy to do.

Now let me explain to you many years ago when D and I was a courting couple; we went to an amazing and fun filled wedding at Pinewood Studios. It was a Hollywood theme and I went as Princess Leia (wearing a wig) and an R2D2 handbag. D went as Luke Skywalker with a lightsabre. We have a photo in our bedroom of us in our costume and for some reason Curly Haired Beauty thinks this is our REAL wedding photo. I never gave it much thought about this mix-up but these last few weeks she has been asking to wear the same dress and have her hair like mine in the photo. She calls my hair the snail wig was made of pure nylon, the fake hair looked plastic. Go figure the mind of a 4 year old!

Actually I should really correct her mistake as she is now telling us the reason why she is not in this photo is she was hiding in mummy's tummy. LOL

So wherever you are and whatever plans you have for this Bank Holiday weekend, enjoy yourself with loved ones. Peace out


  1. Hi there-what a fun story, hope you and your little girl enjoy the wedding in your lovely outfits too xx


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