Aqua-Oleum Product Review

“If this doesn’t work I’ll shave my head”…that was the promise from my hair stylist F (replacing Y who is on maternity leave) to try and restore some sort of normality to my over abused coloured hair disaster .

Kerastase Aqua-Oleum

Spray onto washed hair, wrap hair in warm towel, wait 20 minutes then rinse off was F's recommendation for an intensive hair treatment. Of course I don’t have time for such faffing around; I’m lucky if I get to have a shower, hair wash, shave armpits, exfoliate, dry off, moisturise and get dressed all in 20 minutes before the kids wake up. So I washed hair as normal (double shampoo), sprayed it on, combed it through and then rinsed out.

The result is amazing, I thought I would never get my hair to feel soft and silky again but it does. No kinks or snags when I brush it, no static electricity. Just super swingy healthy looking shiny hair again. Used once a week its kept my hair looking really good between washes with no greasy residual. 

I am happy hairy girl (woman) again J

This was not a sponsored post, I purchased the product with my own money and this is my honest opinion.


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