At Bubbledogs for a bite to eat

Bubbledogs  is a great place to stop off for a quick bite to eat. I came here for a girly lunch a couple of weeks ago and the novelty mix of hot dogs and champagne is what enticed us in. I was a little bit nervous when I realised my dining companions were both vegetarians. But most choices on the menu could be vegetarian as the ‘dogs’ come in pork, beef and vegetarian versions. So their dietary needs were taken care of and they didn’t feel they were missing out. We chatted about how most high street places only offer a meagre uninspired selection for veggies – beetroot/goats cheese, risotto or a mushroom burger.

I went for the Rueben which is smothered in sauerkraut and melted cheese and a side order of ‘Tot’s which look like crispy potato croquettes but the inside has more of a rosti texture.

We got a great little perch at the copper bar overlooking Charlotte Street but Us ladies who lunch had difficulty on what to do with our handbags as there was nowhere really to put them down. I ended up keeping my satchel balanced on my lap.

You can order champagne by the glass which gives you a great opportunity to sample different vintages. Glasses of chilled tap water is automatically placed in front of you – eating processed meat and deep fried sides is thirsty work! The service was pretty speedy and the whole place had a lovely warm jammed packed vibe. The staff were friendly and efficient so if you are ever down there; do pop in before 1pm as the queues do start to form as it seems a really popular venue.


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