It's been a long hard slog raising twin boys and today they reach 4 years old!
We held a party over the weekend and was truly lucky with the weather which meant I could host it in the garden. It was a Super Mario Bros theme and Mr Fashion and The Foley Artist came along as Mario and Luigi - improvised moustaches (painted on with mascara) were rubbed off by the time this photo was taken. 

Everyone had a super time and I loved all the party ware I had bought from Party Pieces; especially the picnic hamper food trays which I had loaded up with hot dogs, french fries and fruit shoots. Perfect for little children to carry about whilst they played and ate....boys tend to do that whilst girls like to ACTUALLY SIT DOWN AND SIT STILL TO EAT. 

I tried to make some suitably themed foods but only had time to make these edible toadstools (cherry toms sat on mini mozzarella with dots of cream cheese) 
Too cute! 
Traditional party games were played - Pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. One brave parent offered to hold up the pinata and had 11 kids descend upon him trying to bash the life out of it to release all the goodies inside. 

Here are all the boys grabbing at the loot! 

 So Happy Birthday to my darling, I don't know if I will ever get over the shock of being a mother to twin boys but you are both adorable xx twosp 


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    How do you do it?
    Amazing ;))


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