Bath time horrors

Bath times used to be such long leisurely sessions of pure indulgence. Beautifying oneself in the pursuit of loveliness. Lotions and potions and of course scented candles.....

*sigh* I can still remember those days. But now its all rush, rush trying to dip all three into the tub, brisk wash and out before the water turns cold. Welcome to my world. When can I go back to the old life?

Can you spot the 3 princesses and 4 Barbies?


  1. Hi there! Great pics really love the dollies xx

  2. My daughter had a Barbie who wore a blue jacket with huge lapels, which you could shimmy down her body, turn inside out, and - ta-da! - make into a mermaid tail. I used to share my bath with her, and I found her creepy.

  3. What is a bath? It has been a long time.

  4. I'm a Sindy girl myself...

    Oh the days of long luxurious baths with candles and oil, mind you I'll be so old the next time that happens candlelight will be the only the type bearable!


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