Summery September

Oldest child started back at school today Y2 and the twins start Reception next week....I cannot wait, this has been a long time coming ever since I found out I was pregnant second time round back in October 2008. I couldn't celebrate my 37th birthday properly and by Christmas I was weeping/wailing when I heard there was two in there and dealing with a toddler hitting the terrible twos.

Not that I am an OCD mummy but with first born I had already our LIFE mapped out: Have a baby by 35, get her to sleep through the night, wean her, get back to work, teach her walk/talk, put her name down for pre-school, get her into pre-school, put her name down for primary school, get her into school JOB WELL DONE

Of course having twins boys has been filled with a lot of hardship (emotional and financial) but the end is in sight. I can nearly relax.

Although I do feel like the oldest mum on the school run and will avoid all Sports Day activities if I can help it. My knees cant do running! So a bit of unhelpful advice which my mum gave me when I told her I was pregnant with twins: Don't have a toddler and twins in such a short space of time - thanks mum!

BTW loving this extended Summer weather, a recent work trip to Henley was really pleasant despite the 2 1/2 hour journey. Such blue skies, pretty river scenery and a delish lunch...but check out the tiny salmon portion! That is not a huge lemon but a tiny bit poached fish!


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