Summer time

So I have an hour to kill whilst Curly Haired Beauty is at her contemporary dance class and I've already made the most of it by scoffing down a burrito, frozen yoghurt and thinking a Pimms might go down very nicely too. So many lovely calorific street food places here on the South Bank. What would Larry say (Laurence Olivier)???

I should have snapped a photo last month of his statue. Some prankster left a bunch of bananas balanced on his sword. What would he think now of the cultural centre of London with the theatres, art galleries and concert halls now jostling with the street food vendors, restaurants and bars?

I do love London when Summer does arrive; this part along the river becomes a pleasure garden to amble, stroll leisurely, take in the scene and be seen. There are not enough traffic free places in the centre of London where you can just chill and walk at your own speed.


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