Wearable Fitness devices

Soooo I thought I would buy for t'husband a useful birthday present (a month before his birthday he gets a burst of energy and hits the gym) and I have been checking out several options available in the Fitness Tracker Device World. This one here modelled by moi is the Misfit Shine available from www.misfitwearable.com

To make sure if this was something the other half would appreciate and use, I thought I would 'test' it and try it on for a week....totally a Marge's bowling ball present ( ep Simpsons).

A week in and I am impressed, love how small and discreet it is. Normally I clip it onto my bra strap so its hidden under my clothes. But today I forgot to wear my watch so its on the rubber strap that comes with the device. Two double finger taps to see your activity progress followed by the time glowing lights.

The aluminium case is so smooth and tactile like a Lauderee macaroon. Download the app to your smart phone to get the tracker data blue toothed over. It synced in with my iPhone5s with no problems.

What I like about the Misfit Shine is the progress report you get throughout the day, you don't need to keep checking your phone app; just a light two taps and small lights appear around the edge indicating how much activity you have done so far.

On the app, you get more details of steps taken, calories used, distanced covered. Confirms I'm not as lazy as I thought I was! You can see where I ran for the train to get to work! Also this little gadget can track sleeping patterns, last few nights have been incredibly hot and loud thunderstorms have interrupted my deep sleep. It's a great way to convince me to go to bed earlier to ensure I get my beauty sleep ;-)

I may need to purchase another one since I' m far too attached now to give it back.

NB I purchased the fitness device with my own money, all my thoughts are my own


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