Sunday, 28 November 2010

December Sample Sale

This place is a little tricky to find, but its worth it for French casual elegant pieces; stretchy tee's and separates. The almost hidden tiny doorway could be one of those with handwritten 'Wanted Busty Model' signs you see peppered in Soho....at the top of the stairs is a tiny show room with insanely chic staff ringing up sales of the sample pieces at great prices. In the summer sale, on THE ONLY hot day we had; the screened off changing area had the windows wide open - so the work men across the road got a strip show for free....why did I chose to wear a thong that day? It was either flash my boobs or bare my bum cheeks....  

Monday, 22 November 2010

Meow another Sample Sale

Arrogant Cat Sample Sale this week. Last one I went to had some amazing bargains and I bought some great knitwear that was much admired by my teenage niece. So this time I'm going to see if I can find something for her as a Christmas present - yes folks only 32 sleeps to Christmas Day!

Over the weekend I had a slightly stressful time trying to track down a Ken Doll from Barbie A Fashion Fairy Tale which Curly Haired Beauty has asked for Christmas. I thought it would be a simple request to fulfill but it has sold out in Argos (already, how so?). Amazon has it for sale for £35 and on Ebay £25. For a piece of plastic in a shiny silver suit, which normally retails for £9.99, the price just sticks in my throat. But MiL is going to buy the lead Barbie, my sister is going to buy the best friend Marie Alicea. We planned to buy the Princess Party Palace that goes with the whole set, for her birthday which is coming up soon. Now Curly Haired Beauty is not a super brat who gets what she wants - all the Barbie's she owns (except one) are hand me downs from her cousin - with matted dreadlocked hair and some have slightly tatty dresses and mismatched shoes. All well loved by their previous owner and CHB seems very happy to have inherited them.

To be honest I can't stand them (I was more of a Sindy girl growing up) but she loves to role play with the dolls; hosting parties, hospital visits, going to school - I love these little re-enactments of her life. I know she will be slightly disappointed if we were not able to get the full set and she will know the difference if I give her Ken Fashionista (does wearing a hat make you a fashionable doll??), he just won't be smart enough to accompany Barbie to the ball!

So if anyone out there reads this and knows of where I can get a Ken doll for a reasonable price please email me. Cheers twosp

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Winner is...CSN Giveaway

With the help of my charming assistant the Curly Haired Beauty - we put all the names into my hat to select a winner for the CSN giveaway.
This trilby was an impulse buy from Accessorize last week, when the weather was so cold my ears felt frozen. Everytime I've worn it I've been getting lots of great compliments. So its true what they say, if you want to get ahead, get a hat! The bonus with this tifter is I haven't suffered much helmet hair and despite the label inside saying; do not wear in the rain, its bounced right back after a light drizzle.
Samantha Cameron wore this Noel Stewart fedora during Remembrance Sunday. I'm not sure why it caused so much discussions in the papers, maybe they expected the Prime Ministers wife to go for something more feminine? I think she wears it very well.

If budget permitted I would love this navy fedora by La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau - note to self stop spending the Christmas fund ( I will do a post about my recent spending in the sample sales). I actually had to look up to see what the difference was between a Trilby and a Fedora. So thank you wikipedia for clarifying. 

Now for the important part. Drum roll please - the winner of the CSN Stores Giveaway competition is Kate at Make Do Style. Congratulations to you and a big thank you to everyone who entered, for following, re-tweeting etc. Kate I will pass on your email to Eileen at CSN Stores who will send in turn, email you the voucher code. Spend it wisely! xxx 

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tea and Toast

This time last year I was blogging about Toast and funny how some things have not changed. All three tots are still coughing their guts out . Yet Winter hasn't officially started yet so I have another 3 months of illness ahead of me. I love my life but I love the lifestyle more in the Toast Christmas Catalogue. What I wouldn't give to be the cool blonde wrapped in a sumptuous velvet gown. Although last Christmas I was swanning around in a tiara, only because Curly Haired Beauty crowned me Queen with her plastic princess headband.

Here are my favorite picks from the catalogue

Bell Bangles clusters of miniature bells in silver, gold and bronze
Hand painted baubles made from paper mache. 

Tapestry Gown in brushed cotton flannel

NB: Don't forget my CSN Giveaway  finishes on Sunday so if you want to win £30 voucher to spend on any of their on-line stores please leave a comment, become a follower and/or re-tweet on Twitter .

Friday, 19 November 2010

Toddler Wild Thing and Thing 2

I really must try and unsubscribe from Boots Mother and Baby club, another email pinged to say my baby is 16 months old today. Well that's the twins corrected age, or 15 1/2 for Thing 2 (lower birth weight) but their actual age is 18 months. That's a huge milestone for any baby/toddler where they are expected to be able to do certain things and behave in a certain way. Well not my two....When Curly Haired Beauty was 16 months old, I started her potty training, she could drink from an open cup and was very opinionated about what she wanted to wear and how to have her hair styled (one bunchie or two). She could also talk a lot and to be honest has not stopped talking!

I have now stopped referring to my 'What to expect from a toddler' book and no longer feel so stressed out about how they are developing - they are how they are. We had another trip to A&E on Tuesday evening for Thing 2's croup and a long wait to see a doctor, he got treated with steroids to reduce the inflammation in his throat and we got home by 1am. I may sound blase but we're getting used to these monthly emergency trips to hospital. And from what I am hearing boys are generally more accident prone than girls; so I've got a life time ahead of me of broken bones/ noses, things stuffed up noses or ears..... Why is it after you meet the man, marry him , bear his children and then find out MUCH later what a terror he was as a kid?

Here they are in their lovely sleepy state, nice and quiet just how mummy likes them.  Shhhh don't tell them I have spent the Christmas funds on myself and now own some lovely things - well I did need to update my wardrobe :-) There have simply been too many fantastic sample sales this month.

 Toddler Wild Thing is a flirt and will happily blow kisses with both hands to get an Ahh cute reaction from women. His favorite game is to wave and say bye bye, toddle off and come back again. When it starts to get dark and I go to turn on the side lamps - he likes to helpfully point out the next one to switch on. If I miss one out then he gets very agitated and wants it on now.

Thing 2 hates the hoover, he cries whenever I bring it into the room. His brother loves it and will try and help me use it. But Thing 2 has to be moved into the play pen so he feels safe from its noise. Thing 2 loves books he can't get enough of reading and flicking through pages. He was in his element when the Argos catalogue was produced and spent nearly 25 minutes playing with it. Toddler Wild Thing just tried to eat the pages.

NB: Don't forget my CSN Giveaway  finishes on Sunday so if you want to win £30 voucher to spend on any of their on-line stores please leave a comment, become a follower and/or re-tweet on Twitter .

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Giveaway with CSN, just in time for Christmas gifting

CSN Stores have asked me to host another readers giveaway - £30 voucher to spend at their on-line stores. So you can use it towards some furniture like a chest of drawers , chic lighting or get something from their excellent kitchen range. Here are a few ideas that would make great Christmas presents for family and friends *but really you should spend it on yourself*

One of these will make an super gift for a budding domestic goddess

I would think most people would find this more handy than a breadmaker (bung all the ingredients into the pot before you go to work and when you come home, be greeted by the lovely aroma of stew.
I quite like the idea of this twinkling light as part of the Crimbo decoration 

To win the vouchers please leave a comment, become a follower and re-tweet on Twitter my giveaway. It couldn't be simpler. Curly Haired Beauty will be drawing out the winners name from a hat on Sunday 21st November.  

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mulberry November Sample Sale

Be still my beating heart, Mulberry have a Sample Sale on, at this rate the children will have no Christmas presents but their mummy will have a brand new handbag to cart their gear in :-) 

Dare I go? It would be rude to turn down the invitation and well I do have to see if there is an Alexa or two on discount or is that a bit greedy of me....? ..

Maybe I should go for the clutch version instead to hold all my essentials for work

DATE 16TH and 17TH November, 2010
10am - 7pm

Mulberry, 1st Floor, 41-42 New Bond Street, 
London, W1S 2RY 

Accepts cash, credit and debit cards.
No refunds or exchanges.
There is an admission charge of £2 
that goes to The Burned Chilldren's Club, registered charity 1062024.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Its for Charideeeeeeeeeeee

With so many recent samples sales I have been using up my Christmas fund fast but one sale coming up is worth splashing the cash out for a very worthy cause. So be bold and brave head to W1 to check out the Christmas lights, get ahead with your gift buying and drop along here.....think of the children darling! 
This November Kids Company has teamed up with Harpers Bazaar & fashion’s hottest names to bring you an exclusive designer sale.

Event details:
Gladrags & Handbags Designer Fashion Sale – 12-14 November 2010
The Music Room, South Molton Lane, London W1K 5AB
Nearest tube: Bond Street
Opening times:
Friday 12 November 9am-6pm
Saturday 13 November 10am-5pm
Sunday 14 November 11am-4pm
Admission: £2 on the door
All the items on sale have been donated by designers, who include Stella McCartney, Mulberry, Issey Miyake, Dries Van Noten, Vivienne Westwood, Georgio Armani & Tom Ford.

With all proceeds going towards a magical Christmas for over 2,000 vulnerable inner-city children, shopping has never been so guilt free.
Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh says:
‘We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the fashion community and hope that shoppers will flock in droves to bag a bargain at the sale. By buying once you give twice and each purchase will help restore joy and dignity to a child. Without our support at Christmas many children would be forced to survive the holiday period alone, often due to their parents’ drink, drugs or mental health issues.We step in to produce a Christmas Day party on a mammoth scale with lunch, games and entertainment, as well as presents for every child. We also produce food hampers to ensure no-one goes hungry over the Christmas period.’

Monday, 8 November 2010

Foot stomping

This sale is in the wrong part of town for me - there's no way I could hike over to NW1 in my lunch break and be back again within the hour. Which is a shame as I would have loved to have gone. So if anyone is in the vicinity, go check it and let me know what I missed. Bah bloody tubes/weather etc :-(

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Beep Beep - Review for ELC

The other day I received two massive parcels - at first I thought I must have gotten carried away with my last Net-a-Porter order but when I opened it, I discovered the lovely people from Early Learning Centre had sent me A Whizz around Garage and the Emergency Service Centre for the twins to try out and and review.

Toddler Wild Thing (former Thing 1) and Thing 2 loved it ....the noise, the lights; the cars were the perfect size to push along and gave them much amusements as they road tested them (did you see what I did there, me clever). There was a few tears as they both fought to hold the same car (there were 6 in all). It was easy to assemble (by me) and although one part has been pulled off - the P sign. The new toys have been coping very well with near constant play. ELC even supplied batteries , AA, which was most thoughtful of them. I tried to upload a video of them playing but YouTube took forever so I gave up. Toddler Wild Thing does a really sweet siren impression - so cute! Thing 2 is stuffing all the cars into the lift.

Curly Haired Beauty adopted the garage and lined up all her Happy Land people and pretended the garage was a playground with her people sliding down the slide. Very versatile and perfect for any toddler boys or girls if you want a nice showy gift, as it comes in a large box. A great Christmas present idea. Yes I mentioned Christmas! Its now permissible: Bonfire Night has been, Halloween long gone and the shops are stuffed full of Crimbo gear.

This was a sponsored post for Early Learning Centre. Thank you folks for sending me such lovely toys for the tots. I will get round to reviewing Cobblestone Farm Play set once I have gotten round to building it for Curly Haired Beauty.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

they just keep coming

More Sales and a really excellent one at that! Reiss and Warehouse have a sample sale starting today and finishes on Saturday in London. I went to the one in the Summer, which was heaving and the knock down prices justified the hot, airless atmosphere and the argy bargyness of  it all. I have my elbows sharpened ladies.... you have been warned.

The Music Room
26 South Molton Lane
London W1K 5AB
Nearest Tube - Bond Street