Toddler Wild Thing and Thing 2

I really must try and unsubscribe from Boots Mother and Baby club, another email pinged to say my baby is 16 months old today. Well that's the twins corrected age, or 15 1/2 for Thing 2 (lower birth weight) but their actual age is 18 months. That's a huge milestone for any baby/toddler where they are expected to be able to do certain things and behave in a certain way. Well not my two....When Curly Haired Beauty was 16 months old, I started her potty training, she could drink from an open cup and was very opinionated about what she wanted to wear and how to have her hair styled (one bunchie or two). She could also talk a lot and to be honest has not stopped talking!

I have now stopped referring to my 'What to expect from a toddler' book and no longer feel so stressed out about how they are developing - they are how they are. We had another trip to A&E on Tuesday evening for Thing 2's croup and a long wait to see a doctor, he got treated with steroids to reduce the inflammation in his throat and we got home by 1am. I may sound blase but we're getting used to these monthly emergency trips to hospital. And from what I am hearing boys are generally more accident prone than girls; so I've got a life time ahead of me of broken bones/ noses, things stuffed up noses or ears..... Why is it after you meet the man, marry him , bear his children and then find out MUCH later what a terror he was as a kid?

Here they are in their lovely sleepy state, nice and quiet just how mummy likes them.  Shhhh don't tell them I have spent the Christmas funds on myself and now own some lovely things - well I did need to update my wardrobe :-) There have simply been too many fantastic sample sales this month.

 Toddler Wild Thing is a flirt and will happily blow kisses with both hands to get an Ahh cute reaction from women. His favorite game is to wave and say bye bye, toddle off and come back again. When it starts to get dark and I go to turn on the side lamps - he likes to helpfully point out the next one to switch on. If I miss one out then he gets very agitated and wants it on now.

Thing 2 hates the hoover, he cries whenever I bring it into the room. His brother loves it and will try and help me use it. But Thing 2 has to be moved into the play pen so he feels safe from its noise. Thing 2 loves books he can't get enough of reading and flicking through pages. He was in his element when the Argos catalogue was produced and spent nearly 25 minutes playing with it. Toddler Wild Thing just tried to eat the pages.

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