December Sample Sale

This place is a little tricky to find, but its worth it for French casual elegant pieces; stretchy tee's and separates. The almost hidden tiny doorway could be one of those with handwritten 'Wanted Busty Model' signs you see peppered in the top of the stairs is a tiny show room with insanely chic staff ringing up sales of the sample pieces at great prices. In the summer sale, on THE ONLY hot day we had; the screened off changing area had the windows wide open - so the work men across the road got a strip show for free....why did I chose to wear a thong that day? It was either flash my boobs or bare my bum cheeks....  


  1. I love sample sales, but I won't buy anything that I can't take home and try on in privacy, and return to the store if it doesn't fit.
    No flashing the workmen across the road for me...I wouldn't want them to have a heart attack!

  2. Thanks so much for the info. could you please enlarge the image for us? cheers x

  3. For once I might be in luck pay wise!!


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