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Arrogant Cat Sample Sale this week. Last one I went to had some amazing bargains and I bought some great knitwear that was much admired by my teenage niece. So this time I'm going to see if I can find something for her as a Christmas present - yes folks only 32 sleeps to Christmas Day!

Over the weekend I had a slightly stressful time trying to track down a Ken Doll from Barbie A Fashion Fairy Tale which Curly Haired Beauty has asked for Christmas. I thought it would be a simple request to fulfill but it has sold out in Argos (already, how so?). Amazon has it for sale for £35 and on Ebay £25. For a piece of plastic in a shiny silver suit, which normally retails for £9.99, the price just sticks in my throat. But MiL is going to buy the lead Barbie, my sister is going to buy the best friend Marie Alicea. We planned to buy the Princess Party Palace that goes with the whole set, for her birthday which is coming up soon. Now Curly Haired Beauty is not a super brat who gets what she wants - all the Barbie's she owns (except one) are hand me downs from her cousin - with matted dreadlocked hair and some have slightly tatty dresses and mismatched shoes. All well loved by their previous owner and CHB seems very happy to have inherited them.

To be honest I can't stand them (I was more of a Sindy girl growing up) but she loves to role play with the dolls; hosting parties, hospital visits, going to school - I love these little re-enactments of her life. I know she will be slightly disappointed if we were not able to get the full set and she will know the difference if I give her Ken Fashionista (does wearing a hat make you a fashionable doll??), he just won't be smart enough to accompany Barbie to the ball!

So if anyone out there reads this and knows of where I can get a Ken doll for a reasonable price please email me. Cheers twosp


  1. I have no idea but look on ebay just in case!
    I was more of Sindy girl I wasn't allowed a Barbie xx

  2. Always a Sindy doll girl and Pippa - she had little bendy legs that meant you could sit her on the edge of the table. Its the simple things! SC has a Barbie bought for her by an aunty but to be honest she loves Lego more! x


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