Beep Beep - Review for ELC

The other day I received two massive parcels - at first I thought I must have gotten carried away with my last Net-a-Porter order but when I opened it, I discovered the lovely people from Early Learning Centre had sent me A Whizz around Garage and the Emergency Service Centre for the twins to try out and and review.

Toddler Wild Thing (former Thing 1) and Thing 2 loved it ....the noise, the lights; the cars were the perfect size to push along and gave them much amusements as they road tested them (did you see what I did there, me clever). There was a few tears as they both fought to hold the same car (there were 6 in all). It was easy to assemble (by me) and although one part has been pulled off - the P sign. The new toys have been coping very well with near constant play. ELC even supplied batteries , AA, which was most thoughtful of them. I tried to upload a video of them playing but YouTube took forever so I gave up. Toddler Wild Thing does a really sweet siren impression - so cute! Thing 2 is stuffing all the cars into the lift.

Curly Haired Beauty adopted the garage and lined up all her Happy Land people and pretended the garage was a playground with her people sliding down the slide. Very versatile and perfect for any toddler boys or girls if you want a nice showy gift, as it comes in a large box. A great Christmas present idea. Yes I mentioned Christmas! Its now permissible: Bonfire Night has been, Halloween long gone and the shops are stuffed full of Crimbo gear.

This was a sponsored post for Early Learning Centre. Thank you folks for sending me such lovely toys for the tots. I will get round to reviewing Cobblestone Farm Play set once I have gotten round to building it for Curly Haired Beauty.


  1. Are what fun. Petit Garcon loves the chugginton things they have. xx

  2. Yay, glad they arrived! The twins seem to be loving them!


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