Factory sale - I scored a goody

A belated post from yesterday's Rupert Sanderson Shoe Sale

I did something very bad  I was late for work and blamed the trains/tube/etc. Plausible excuse for those of you who follow me on Twitter   #southeasterntrainfail so I rolled in at 12.30pm all hot and bothered and quickly got my head down with work...but I had really been shhhhh, don't tell and thank god no one knows about my blog at the Rupert Sanderson Shoe Sale. I arrived at the venue 10.10am and was greeted by the most enormous queue outside the Music Rooms. I have never seen so many shoe hungry women in one place! Speaking to one person who was 12 foot away from the entrance - she said she had been waiting there since 8.30am (it opened at 8am). My heart sank - they were only letting in a 6 people in at a time and the women already inside were taking a lllllloooooooooooooong time to make their purchases.

I did a rough calculation of how long it would realistically take to get inside and decided to stick it out and joined the back of the queue. I quickly struck some up conversations with fellow shoeholics and gathered info to establish their shoe sizes , potential conflicts over shoes and see if we could 'Psyche' out the women in front to leave and make the queue shorter...tactics included starting rumors there was fresh shoe stock in the white van behind us and go get em ladies...

After an hour of waiting and my feet freezing I was slowly getting closer to the entrance. We had stopped several women leaving (loaded with bags full of shoes) to ask what sizes was left, prices just to check and see if it was worth persevering with the wait. Larger sizes 39's were going down, the £40 shoes were low in stock and my little group of 5 all muttered and wondered should they stay or go. I joked about who needed toes, lets chop them off to make the shoe fit. Ha - they were weak and I am strong... 30 minutes later I finally got in only to be greeted by another queue to check in coats and bags before being able to descend onto the shoes.

I headed for the 38's and kicked off my Ferragamo two tone pumps and tried on few, too big, moved onto the 37.5's again a wee too big, foot slipping and then onto 37's. Now Rupert's shoes are cut a lot bigger than I had expected so I was glad I had the opportunity to try on everything for a good fit. Now I try not to have a specific item in mind but I really did want a pair of glossy patent heels in nude. All the patent shoes were not in my size but I did manage to snag the most elegant nappa leather slingback skinny heels for £80.   Then I joined another long queue to pay. I could have bought a few more pairs like all the other women around me but I refrained, I only needed/wanted one pair - I was being very good to my wallet. Purchase made - I ran back to the office, dumped my contraband with the receptionist and raced to my desk. Good job done. Do I feel guilty, a little (lots of sympathy for my 'horrendous journey') but I have beautiful new shoes.

PS sat here tonight crying on the sofa watching Red Nose Day and the news about Japan; the bravery of the workers trying to save the nuclear plant from total meltdown knowing the risks to their own lives to save their country, to save the world. I have made donations left, right and centre but still feel pretty helpless.


  1. Well done on the shoes! Its all so dreadful in Japan, I have a friend in Tokyo but she is OK x


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