Oow ow ow ow ow ow

Because the internet is a vast place, anything possible can be found for your amusement go check this THIS out. Not sure why I couldn't get the code to embed from YouTube. Can I repeat I am not a closet fan...just a random fact that this was filmed in Milton Keynes and it still looks the same!


  1. That is so funny - I remember my fastest wittiest remark to someone when they were moving to music sat down amongst friends was 'what are you wired for sound' We all fell about laughing as this is the most hilarious Cliff Richard song ever!

    Have to say Sir Cliff is one hell of a guy you gotta admire him. I hope to get him for my film...all will be revealed when script finished! xx

  2. I've got my head in my hands. Its so funny and disturbing at the same time!


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