Sparkling like a precious object

That's what we called our first born Curly Haired Beauty (middle name)...OK we did go a little mad when we named her but she was our very much longed for daughter.

Here are a few lovely sparkling things that caught my eye - perfect to dress up a dull outfit that needs some cheer and extra oomph. Taking a style leaf from The Queen, wear near to the face so the light from the crystals radiates your complexion.

*note I put the most expensive one first! Forgive my deluxe taste I know in these squeezed times we should be more restrained but it doesn't mean we can't window shop and marvel.

Diamond Spray Brooch guide price at auction from Bonhams £1500-2000
 Crystal oversized brooch from Debenhams £40 Super shiny and glitzy, I must have been a magpie in a previous life.

Crystal and Pearl Brooch from Accessorize  £9 This is more my budget and will look great pinned against my grey faux fur collar. 

Sophia Loren image from here


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