Silly Festive Season

Nestled in the corner of our living room is our Christmas tree...yes its pink purchased from Tesco's..not my choice but actually's D....why? He thought it would show off the vintage German glass toadstool decorations he recently bought at an antique fair in Holland. Go figure his wisdom but Curly Haired Beauty is very happy with the choice - pink is her most favorite colour. The LED rope lights are from Habitat,10 years old and still working the ultimate in recycling/vintage. I've heard the twins try and explain to their childminder about the new addition to our home, 'Daddy's Chrissy tee iz pink'.

We're all gearing up for the festivities ahead, kids presents have all been purchased a month ago *smug smile* and wrapped. Cards have been sent out making the international posting dates. This year it will be bliss to wake up in my own bed on Christmas morning; get the kids up, open the presents together before heading to my parents for the main meal. I don't have to cook- yippeee but I may have to do a bit of washing up (but I know my mum always wash up as she goes along, so there won't be much to do). We'll be able to snooze off the meal in front of the telly whilst the kids entertain their grandparent. Before bundling everyone back into the car and head home. So its going to feel like a proper rest for me. *Sigh* I cannot wait.

Happy Christmas and hope yours will be filled with fun and laughter with loved ones.
twosp xxxx


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