Sparkle in Sequins

New Years Eve just around the corner and if you haven't already thought about what to wear when the bells chime midnight, here are some ideas....go for Gold and make it covered in Sequins darlings!

Sequin Wrap Dress by Rare at Top Shop now on sale for £40

Sequin Maxi Dress by River Island at ASOS £57

Sequin round neck tunic dress By Malene Birger at My Teresa £445 or you can rent it from £59 from Girl Meets Dress

I'm braving the Kings Road tomorrow with Curly Haired Beauty, not for sale shopping mind you but an educational excursion to the Mary Quant store. Her school is celebrating its 80 year anniversary and each child is dressing up in a nominated decade and making a donation to the school. Her decade is the 60's; so tonight I gave her a crash course in 60's Fashion history (attributed to inventing the mini skirt and coloured/patterned tights) and she was most receptive looking at the 'Stylish Ladies' and the youthquake fashion that Mary Quant is so famous for (thank you Google Image ). I know the brand name is no longer run under Mary and is owned by a Japanese company but we're going to try and buy a Daisy logo necklace or hairslides for that 'authentic' look and a chance for me to maybe sneak in a little make-up shopping.....
Images from here here
I used to love the tiny colour store near Brompton Cross. I have very fond memories purchasing bright nail varnish in amazing rainbow colours contained in highly tactile round bottles. This was before the day's of Hard Candy (remember them - Tippex like pastels?), Urban Decay, Nails Inc. 

Happy New Year dear readers and I wish you all good health, wealth and happiness for 2012.
twosp xxxx


  1. Happy New Year! I'm very jealous of you and curly haired beauty - I love Mary Quant: in fact I interviewed her for my MA dissertation! Hope you both have a wonderful time!


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