A little late but a here are a few more photos from Monday night at the Odeon 'Snow White and the Huntsman' where I got to walk up the red carpet...actually it was green to look like grass and then black to look like you were in the forest! There was topiary & trees to give a woodland setting  and the likes of Ian McShane, Ray Winstone and Nick Frost were there (the dwarfs). As were K-Stew and a stunning Charlize Theron who stole the film, she really was a very evil stepmother/witch! A selected few were allowed into the inner, inner sanctum to cheer on the talents as they arrived. Charlize towered over the interviewee - explaining how freaked out she was seeing herself 'aged' for the movie.
K-Stew didn't give the most thrilling of interviews - a lot of teenage style hopping about to keep warm

If you squint you can make out the ladies on the right wearing Marchesa and Dior. Here I am up at the top in the Royal Circle - nose bleed seats but hey not a bad night out on a school night.

I would have done more live tweeting and facebook updating during the film but my date who works in Content Protection was narked about my mobile use so I had to put it away and watch the film.

And what did I wear? A vintage gold brocade evening coat over a violet Matthew Williamson dress. I had selected the outfit  so I wouldn't clash with the red carpet (which turned out not to be red) and then seeing the invite with the dress code black, white or red #wardrobefail LOL oh dear my Twitter speak is invading my blog...

I haven't seen the Julia Roberts/Lily Collins Snow White to compare but #SWATH is a good yarn, filled with an epic battlescene, some nice eye candy for the boys and for the girls. Chris Hemsworth I'm looking at you sweetie; although really fancying someone born in 1983 would make me a Cougar/cradle snatcher!


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