How to Party

Festive season is upon us and I had two Crimbo parties to go too last night. The press dubbed it Black Friday for the emergency teams to deal with assisting those who have had a touch too much sherry....

Being time pressed I made a desperate call to Blow Ltd to see if they could fit me in for hair and make up first thing before I got to the office. The very kind Jennifer was very accommodating to my tweets, emails and call!

First off was hair, being a pretty wet and wild weather kinda day I needed a hair style to last through to the evening so I opted for a Blow Up, a chic, slight beehive do (I have masses of hair). Every inch was back combed to death, a lot of root spray, hair spray was applied plus bobby pins to keep it all together. I was very impressed with the results.

Then make up ; to cover up another hormonal outbreak on my chin but only a tinted moisturiser was needed on the rest of my face all applied with a brush to give a flawless finish. I even had a good slick of eyeliner to give a more sixties feel but with some touches of bronzer the look remained modern.

When I arrived at the office, everyone was trying to work out what was different about me (taller?) and a few envious looks that I had already got a head start getting ready for the office party - some women take it very seriously!

After work I had hectic school run, dentist check up, feed kids, put kids to bed (6.15pm cheated that one, four year old twins cant tell the time). With only 15 minuted to actually pull my outfit together. I only realised afterwards that most of what I was wearing was bought from the web! Pink and burgundy Herve Leger Bandage dress( ebay purchase), Top Shop mongolian fur gilet and Ash ankle boots.

It was another horrid wet and windy journey back into town this time heading for Aqua on Regent Street. Coincidently my dentist was there recently! Due to who I work for there were some themed fun and games: Khadashian nail bar, Downton Abby photo booth, Worlds End pub quiz and of course a free bar!

Later into the night I made my way to my next party back into the burbs, I was probably a little over dressed but hey its the time of year to go over the top. My hair amazingly stayed intact from dancing and the rainy weather conditions!!!

That night, ok next morning when I finally got into bed I was way too tired to try and take down my up do so I just slept with it, propped up on several pillows.... I know tres lazy but look it stayed perfect, just a few loose strands and since I had an early start to ferry Curly Haired Beauty to her dance recital, I kept the do :-)

Later today when I finally found the time I took the do down, it really needed a good brushing with the tangle teaser, retrieved 20 bobby pins, my hair felt like cotton wool! 3 shampoo later using Naked detox shampoo and a deep conditioner, Moroccan Hair oil and left to dry naturally my hair is back to its swishy silky glory. So no hair damage from the intensive styling -result!


  1. Oh the glamour! Love that you slept propped up - commitment.


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