Magdalen London Bridge

There is a lovely restaurant South of the river in London Bridge, an unexpected foodie heaven venue just along from where the London Dungeons used to be, near the Unicorn theatre. Magdalen - serves unfussy simple dishes you actually want to eat using the best seasonal ingredients. The staff are friendly and the professional service helped made my recent lunch there really enjoyable. I didn't experience my pet peeve of being interrupted every 10 minuted whilst I had food in my mouth to be asked if everything was all right.

If you have been following my tweets during #masterchef ; I have not been impressed with the smears, plops, drops and foam used in all the dishes!

D and I shared the pumpkin and goats curd on toast, with a glass of pear fizz (like bucks fizz but with pear puree), my starter was gooey Vacherin cheese melted over potatoes, ham and roast onions. In winter time I just love my carbs, it helps keeps me warm!

D had fois grais on brioche and for his main Sea Bass with cauliflower puree - declaring it was the best bit of fish he has eaten for ages (better than The Square). I had the braised Venison with celeriac mash. I couldn't resist a side order of fried potatoes (told you I loved my carbs) It was so very tender, well flavoured, perfect winter fare.

We of course had to make room for pudding and chose Trifle with apple and calvados and Bergamot cream with shortbread. I could have eaten the cream a hundred times over, it was so light and perfumed and super sweet but not slickly.

I hope to go back again soon, it could be our new local to replace Chez Bruce (our old haunt back in the day before kids).

twosp xxx


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