Perfect Heels

If you've been suffering from cracked dry heels from wearing clogs (like I have), flip flops and other summer footwear. Then treat your plate of meats to This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm

Image from This Works website

It's the only foot cream I have ever used that has given instant results that literally transforms your sore cracked dry scaly hard skin (sorry for giving you that mental image!).  Rub in liberally to the heels and any other dry spots like around the big toe. Even t'husband has been impressed in how his feet had softened up. I have caught the curly haired beauty helping herself to the balm...not that she has any problems but wanted to get in on the act I suppose?

Currently on sale on the website £12 down from £16 - a tube I had lasted a year but I will be ordering another.


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