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Hello, please excuse the lateness of this post - Curly Haired Beauty has done another lovely assisting job and has picked at random the winner from Sunday's giveaway with CSN Stores. So Nic at The War Paint Guru you are our lucky winner. Eileen from CSN will be in touch by email to give you the voucher code to spend as you wish at the on-line stores. Thank you again to everyone who responded to the giveaway.

Le Creuset Stoneware Deep Heart Dish with Lid - 91000625
Things have been a little hectic chez twosp - after a lovely high on Monday evening watching the Jasper Garvida show during London Fashion Week (champagne cocktail, second row seat, such a pretty collection, lovely goody bag) - it was  a big bump to reality when I got home and Thing 2 was a very poorly chap. A trip to A&E and then a looong night watching him struggle to breathe meant another trip to A&E and got him admitted around 7am yesterday morning. It turned out to be a nasty case of croup and the wonderful medical staff sorted him right out. We got discharged last night and I haven't had anytime to write up anything. So I will have to put that right once I get some sleep etc. Thing 2 is now a little brighter and as croup is caused by a virus no doubt Thing 1 will catch it and I will be heading back to hospital this weekend..... I do love this boomerang illness effect.

It feels like I haven't slept for 48 hours and yet here I am still blogging and reading other blogs! So sorry if I don't get round to commenting I am sooooo tired, my eye bags have bags underneath them.


  1. Aw you poor thing... so sorry to hear your little boy was ill - it's always really worrying isnt it? Lovely to meet you finally, albeit briefly. I think I was a bit overcome with the whole event and was possibly very gushy - fashion has that effect on me! And now I've seen you, I know you could never have eye bags like that! xxx

  2. Thank you so much! You've totally made my day! xxxx

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  4. Hellooooo, your blog looks great, I haven't been doing much internetworking lately, hopefully will catch up this weekend. Hope smallie gets well soon.
    WEM x

  5. Oh gosh yes croup is awful remember it well. And can't believe I've missed you again. I was a VIP invite to Jasper but sent my assistant as was v busy and I wanted someone to go as we use his clothes quite a lot x

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