Twin Tuesday

Thing 2 the other day came up to me making noises and was quite insistent he hold my hands and lead me somewhere (still not walking but cruising). I followed as he slap dash stumbled towards the nappy station and then proceeded to pull the change mat onto the floor and laid down - in short he wanted me to change his nappy. Wow at over 14 months corrected, he more or less 'told' me he had done a wee and wanted to be cleaned up and dry again. After reading countless books on potty training I had always assumed boys started later. So dare I start him off first before his older brother? Am I being to hopeful or desperate to stop filling landfill sites with my polluting twins??

I started potty training Curly Haired Beauty at 16 months with Stage 1 (guilty, I read Gina Ford's Potty Training in 1 week) and at that age she was really compliant and willing to please, before the terrible two's struck. When the twins arrived early and we were all home from hospital - she decided to regress and was back into nappies and insisted on lying down with her legs in the air yelling at me to change her. Last summer was not fun - 3 sets of nappies; which coincided with the local council once a fortnight rubbish collection instead of once a week. Pooohhhyyy it was a stinky round these parts.

Wish Thing 1 was more like his brother - I should re-name him  Toddler Wild Thing. Whenever I tell him its time for a nappy change and show him his nice new clean nappy, he runs away and tries to squeeze himself in the smallest of spots. He just loves to grin and giggle and thinks its a lovely chasing game or he make himself go all floppy so you can't pick him up from under the arms. Once you have got him down on the mat (a quick judo sweep under the legs) he will twist away before you can get the dirty nappy off. He will quite happily sit in his own filth, squashing it into his bum some more rather than let you try and clean him up. Currently Toddler Wild Thing needs a haircut as he is looking very much like Michael McIntyre . His thick shiny bouncy hair-do is starting to look quite bowl like and I don't want my mum to get her scissors out and give him a hair-don't!

Thing 2's curls have also grown back and is also looking very bouffant which is making it too hard for Toddle Wild Thing to resist from pulling.

They are starting to play more 'nicely' together and join in with songs I sing - a favorite is Row, row, row your boat with a few made up verses and sound effects. Its always lovely when I hear them sing back the words (well sounds like words) makes me really appreciate these times I have with them as youngsters before they up-root, leave home and head for the pub! Well their dad is from the North of England....It finally feels like the hardship fog of motherhood with twin babies is disappearing and I can start to enjoy them as little people. There will always be worries along the way when they get sick (I am such a regular at my A&E, red books, snacks and lots of wipes/nappies). My previous deep held fears have now passed - Toddler Wild Thing does not have cerebral palsy (his physio said walking on tip toes was due to his keenness to be on the move). Thing 2 does not have autism; he babbles conversationally, cries when he is unhappy or been hurt and comes up for cuddles with mummy. He was always much more reserved, quieter compared to his older brother but has now come of his shadow. Next month I turn 39 and rather than feel the dread of being one step closer to 40 I feel a real sense of achievement of being a mother to three happy kids.


  1. Oh lovely post and coming out of the woods is a wonderful feeling even though thickets pop up it really does get easier and easier even with double trouble! xx


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