Happy Blogging Birthday

This blog is two years old today! Who would have thought anyone out there would be interested in reading about my musing, shopping habits and the antics of curly haired beauty along with thing 1 and thing 2. So I thank you all and would like to treat you to some birthday cake.

Mmmm do you think this cupcake is a little too big??? Nah!, scoff, scoff oops sorry ate all of that none left to share....

I haven't been able to get myself onto the Hermes waiting list, so this Birkin style cake will have to do. Quick hurry up and take a bite before I chomp on this one too.

This pretty Hello Kitty cake is from the Curly Haired Beauty. One of the many first words she used to be able to say before she even turned one was 'Kitty'. Precocious darling and how we wish she would sometimes just not talk as much, just for a bit, really she talks a lot, how does one stop a child from talking too much? D points out she takes after me.....
And these are from Thing 1 and Thing 2 (egg-free) - who have given me many heart-stopping moments, heartache and unhappiness after their traumatic early arrival. They have really come along and are wonderful cheeky boys, full of energy, curiosity bordering on fearlessness.
And the best present ever for my blog birthday - I finally got the Anya Hindmarch Barbour Minx Coat - its been a long time coming (since August) and after two wait's, on the waiting list, and a couple of calls with the lovely Megan, one will be on its way to me. Yippee!   I just know it will be perfect for the current freaky Autumn weather. Rain/Sun/grey what gives?

Many Happy Returns x teawithonesugarplease

PS I'll be doing another blog giveaway soon, so if you fancy sprucing up your home with some new accessories or need something vital to impress at the next dinner party you host, stay tuned to this blog. - Cheers


  1. Happy bloggy birthday! It's nice to be able to return a comment on your blog to be honest. I do read it but know so little about high fashion that I never feel equipped to comment, and because you so often comment on mine I always feel a bit crappy for not returning the complement.

  2. Many bloggy returns! What a fantastic selection of cakes...

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday too - the cake was yummy! btw sorry about the crumbs!


  4. Hi there-happy blog birthday!! xx

  5. Happy Blogging Birthday! So glad you got the coat - tis fab! see you Monday! xxxx


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