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This is one of my belated posts due to the festive season/bad weather/busy with day job/up at night with the teething twins/birthday girl.....but somewhere in the world there is snow and might be relevant. I recently commented on Looking Fab in your Forties blog that I was making ski wear purchases in the seasonal sales. We've got two more months of winter here and although it feels positively balmy right now, after the major snow fall we experienced  last month - its only a matter of time for us to be hit with the white stuff again and I want to be prepared.

I haven't been very impressed with what is in the sales, even my beloved Net-a-Porter has not had the items I want at a bargain price. Believe me I've checked top and bottom and nothing has grabbed me and made me drool. I gotta really love/need/want something if I re-stock my already heaving wardrobe.

So onto my first snow bargain - it was quite by accident, I was trying to get hold of some Hello Kitty Snow boots for Curly Haired Beauty that I had seen on the Marks and Spencer's website but the only pair left in the store were too small.

By chance hanging next door, were a pair of bright pink and black snow boots that I thought looked really cool and were in my size. I didn't care these were in the Children's section I just needed to have these in my life - practical but funky. The pink ones have sold out now but if you have small feet they are still for sale here for £18! They are very comfy and they have great grip (better than Ugg's) when walking over icy pavements and my feet stayed perfectly dried when all the snow turned to slush.

I know I should have probably invested in some Snow Joggers but well I really didn't really want to spend the money on something that I would wear occasionally in very bad weather (really how often do we get snowed in here mmmm its already happened twice in 2010). I had the old adage "buy cheap, buy twice" ring in my ears but..... well you decide. 

Although when we were in the depths of the wintry weather a pair of these looked very tempting. You can't beat a classic - channelling Abba's Agnetha off-piste look...


  1. Hahaha I love the price of those M&S boots and they've got my size too. Shame about my style challenge - will have to pass!
    But also I don't think we'll get any more snow this year xx

  2. I used to have a pair like the ones in the bottom pic, they were red and by Marc Jacobs, I sold them on ebay, they were too clumpy for me!


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