I'm back!!!! I've missed you all

Hello readers, sorry for the radio silence, those of you who follow me on Twitter might know I dropped my laptop and broke it. It was a really silly accident; it only fell one foot onto the floor but it was enough to damage the screen leaving half of it blank. Very annoying and it had to be sent away via the insurance company to be fixed. Anyway its back and oh how I have missed it. I hadn't realised how much time I spent on it most evenings, sat on sofa, in front of the telly, eating my dinner etc. Blogging, commenting, tweeting, facebooking....mmmm note to self get a life and go out more??? Phone a friend, have a conversation with OH....

In the interim I got a new Blackberry from work and was able to tweet and check personal emails. But it wasn't the same not being able to read blogs and leave comments. So I've got a lot of catching up to do and seeing what everyone's been up too. Anything new I should know about?

On a separate note - forgive me if this post does not join up (so many things to bash out and make up for lost time). This weather is playing havoc with my skin again. Its gotten very cold again - yes I know its still winter. But after the balmy 12 degrees we had last week its back to being very frosty and chilly. My skin is not coping well and copious amounts of mositurisers are not doing the trick, plus its breaking out in spots *aghast - at my age!*. I will have to give it an extra treat and use Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules , the pink ones for day and green ones at night. To help re-balance, repair and get my complexion back to normal again. The serums give that extra boost when your skin needs it and works in harmony with my other products. Plus they smell wonderful and give my skin an extra glow.
   Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
The very nice woman at the Elemis /John Lewis beauty counter was incredibly helpful and took a detailed account of my regular beauty routine. She didn't tell me off for not cleansing properly (yes I do use wipes but who has the time to do it properly?) Mary Portas would have been proud of my customer service experience - unlike my other experience.

The Sales - this time I confined myself to upgrading my home rather than my already heaving wardrobe, more bed linen from The White Company. I am addicted to their crisp white sheets. Bath towels by Cath Kidston I am always a sucker for her cheery prints. Plus a new Orla Kiely bag for my beloved laptop. But when it arrived it was too lovely to just house the laptop. I have pinched it to use as my new work bag and reveling on its lovely slim neatness.

The laptop will just have to go back into its black neoprene sleeve unless I snap up this bright number Marc by Marc Jacobs from Net-a-Porter.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumble-embossed neoprene laptop case
Anyone else hearing the rumors of a new iPad being launched this March?? I finally got to have a proper go on one over the Christmas break. D's 17 year old nephew has one (lucky sod!) and we spent a great time playing Ninja Fruits with the tots, which was a very kind a generous thing for a teenager to do. Thing 2 loved swiping his sticky fingers across the screen to chop up the flying fruit. So should I get the other iPad case?
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumble-embossed neoprene iPad case

A case of if you build it, it will come...???? Misquote from Fields of Dream (old Kevin Costner movie, when he was a bankable Hollywood star). Stay with me here - when I finally passed my driving test (4th time lucky) my best friend gave me a key ring, as a well done present (Little Miss Chatterbox, can't think why??) to keep my new car keys on. Well I hanged onto the keyring until I did finally manage to purchase my first car - took 4 years but hey I got there in the end. and I still have the keyring (but sadly not the car, the council took it away and crushed it by accident).  But that's another story ...


  1. I have those capsules- they're soooo good I have to ration them.

    Glad you've got your laptop back!! x

  2. Love the Orla bag. Glad it's not just me having skin issues- top tips. Thank you x

  3. My only skin problem is wrinkles, although my hands have really suffered this winter but a few nights of Eve Lom handcream and they were OK! I would love an ipad but I only just got an iphone and am sending texts to all the wrong people, the phone is a nightmare, looks good though!


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