Salon Fresh Swishy

I dodged the rain back and my crowning glory is still salon fresh and feeling swishy. I had popped out on my lunch break to get my hair done by Y at Charles Worthington for my regular cut and finish. We had a long talk about what to do with my hairstyle; as my biggest ambition (well for 2011) is to grow my hair really long... I know I could probably get extensions but I wanted it to be my own work. Sound silly but for my last year as a 30something (yikes hit 40 in October) I want to have the longer style locks I always wished I had grown in my youth. For some unknown reason I can't work out why I never had long hair as a child (always a practical bob) then in my teenage years it was various choppy styles ... Dempsey and Makepeace was very big on TV and Glynis had great hair! Onto my 20's whilst working in Fashion Editorials - I chopped it all off for a Mia Farrow Pixie crop. Looking back on those photos I really looked like my brother (and not in a good way). For 30, I grew it long for my wedding, only to put it into an updo. During my first pregnancy the major heatwave and hormones made me cut it all off again leaving my face looking fat and frumpy. I feel this is my last chance to really try before certain style rules have to be observed as I wouldn't want to be accused of being mutton dressed as lamb. So wish me luck and I will keep you posted on how my hair growing adventure goes.


  1. Go for it! I might cheat...
    Also I used to love Dempsey & Makepeace, I think that is why I never fell for Ashes to Ashes

  2. I agree with Kate, you go for it Girl. My hair was really long until a couple of years ago, now just below shoulders. x

  3. Go for the long hair - I miss it. I love the Rapunzel picture - is that your own illustration?


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