RIP zoom zoom zoom

My car has been taken away, scrapped, discarded, no more good times, no more jolly jaunts around town. It was a faithful machine that I had for more than 7 years. Pre-owned by two careful lady drivers, it always managed to pass its MOT, never stalled and always had a bit of poke when the lights turned green and I could zoom off. But last month it got poorly, wasn't sure why but later found out after a fraughtful trip and back from the garage - It was leaking transmission fluid and needed a new gearbox. The costs would have been more than the actual value of the car. I had such great times in this car, went to so many places, pre-kids, post-kids. We comicly soldiered on stuffing it with car seats pretending we didn't need a bigger car with 3 small children we have to take the deep scary step and think about purchasing a 'Mummy Wagon'. Those of you have seen my  Twitter ramblings (go on follow me there) this is a major deal for me. There are no nice ones out there! I might as well drive a bus and be done with my cool factor. How can I go from this (Mazda 323 Executive)? Check out that sporty looking spoiler...

To this?

Now I'm no petrol head but I do catch the occasional Top Gear episode - I've even had a distant relative star in a 'Star in a a Reasonable Priced Car' slot (he was the fastest Welshman on the show).
Look at this horror! I can't stand MPV's, the clunky lines, the massive size *shudders* how do you park this in a supermarket? We rented a VW Touran over the Christmas period, ferrying kids, loaded with presents etc it still wasn't big enough for our needs.

I still have my heart set on owning a Nissan Figaro, my friend Z, gave me first refusal as she was planning selling her one. My heart says yes but my head knows I can only fit in one passenger as the back seat is only good enough for a large handbag.  Which child to choose to accompany me on trips out? Decisions, decisions...


  1. Snap - my beloved Peugeot estate went Bang at the weekend and is sadly also not worth repairing. It has taken me and huge amounts of stock to vintage fairs; to buying trips in the UK and France, as well as being stylish enough around town. It has ferried grown up children and baby grandchildren and all the time being economical on the juice. Some people prefer 4x4 type vehicles but I would recommend a stylish diesel estate for families. And of course a darling sugar almond Figaro on the side if the budget allows!


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