A Vintage Year

Less than 4 months to go before I *takes deep breath* turn 40....I'm in good company, 1971 was a good year for Fashion creatives: Julian MacdonaldMatthew WilliamsonStella McCartney to name a few. Plus Mulberry, how I worship at their altar of leather loveliness!

I'm feeling less anxious about this milestone age - see my beauty views on ageing here HERE. And in no way whatsoever am I comparing my self to these lovely ladies who share my birth year....

Did I mention a few months back, I was sat in next door booth to her above? She was having lunch with Paul McCartney. We were at the Dean Street Town House. Coincidentally I was there today for afternoon tea and can highly recommend the Mint ice cream with Pimms jelly.


  1. Who are they!? I only recognise Winonna!!

  2. I was pretty calm about 40...it's edging toward 45 that sucks >:-(

  3. are we having a party?

    am i coming?


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