Thank you Kate/Polaroid Sun

Hurrah - I won something! My first ever prize through a Blog competition - Thank you Kate at Make Do Style and Polaroid Sun for my very fetching 50's style sunglasses. With the return of the sunshine I have been wearing these Marilyn sunnies nearly every day. The science bit works, I'm not screwing up my eyes (saving my wrinkles) from the glare of the sun. They are very light to wear on my nose. Perfect pair statement sunglasses that add a real touch of glam to my day. THANK YOU , THANK YOU.

I will stop gushing now....its just I never win anything - OK a little lie, I won a Blu-ray player and 20 blu-ray discs last year but I gave it to my brother cause my TV is so old it was not compatible and didn't have the enough Scart plug thingy to make it work. So I was elated I won but I didn't get to benefit and enjoy the new cinema experience. But these Polaroid sunglasses are a real joy to have won and I'm not going to give them away. They're all mine.
Isn't it annoying when technology moves on? My TV was a wedding present from my dad (9 years ago)- at the time we thought it was the hugest thing ever, So I don't want to get rid of it as it still works and so heavy, the twins can't knock it over. Then science moves onto Plasma screen, LED screens; TV's so thin you can hang on the wall. For Christmas I was given an iPod Touch, so I gave my Nano iPod to Curly Haired Beauty. I remember bouncing on a birthing ball when pregnant with her, singing tunelessly to The Killers. The things you do to get a baby to head down and come out! She's 4 and has her own MP3 player. I was probably in my teens before I owned my own Walkman (remember them?). There are only 40 songs on her playlist. Mostly of the Disney/Musical variety plus Katie Perry's Fireworks song. The other day Mr Fashion wanted to have a go listening and so I popped the headphones on him. He thought he looked the business with these Sony headphones.

I admit he did look super cute but he's 2!!! Will he ever know about computer keyboards and mouses (or is that mices?). Or when he reaches school ages will it all be virtual screens with lots of hand waving to make things move remotely...


  1. So glad you like them - they are the best for your eyes, I'm a complete convert! xx


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