Give it some welly

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you will know of my love for these Hunter welly boots. I have worn them throughout the wet Summer and now Autumn is here. They have become my every day staple and have saved on having to suffer wet squelchy feet all day! Who knew the puddles of W1 were so extreme and deep...Westminister Council take note of the bad pavements that tip up and splash up filthy water over your feet/legs.  When I wear these, I stride with confidence (and feel a little smug).

Work colleagues used to mock me but hey now they are seriously thinking of spending the money for these beauties. I chose the short black glossy version as they are more practical to tuck trousers into. The glossy rubber also doesn't suffer from the 'white bloom' that appears on the matt version(due to UV lights).

There's nothing more fun for the kids than to try on and walk in my boots. Luckily they also do children sizes; so I may have to get a pair for Curly Haired Beauty - well it is on her essential school uniform list.....


  1. My Claudia would love those pink ones! I have Pucci so have no need to buy Hunters although really want a pair but can't justify.


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