More tea vicar?

I very rarely get the chance to brew a proper cuppa in a teapot; a few dunks of a tea-bag into a mug (zilch caffeine  and then a quick slurp before I run out the door to work. Weekends are no longer the leisurely paced occasions they used to be. The kids don't have a pause button so its still an early start in this manic household before we hit the park, softplay, shops etc. no rest for the wicked!
But I'm looking forward to the teenage years when they all turn into sloths and stay under the duvets till past noon. Then I can set a breakfast table, read the papers while my cup of cha happily brews...

A few of these teapots caught my eye which would look fantastic displayed out. 

Cuckoo Teapot by Wedgewood £65
Pip Studio Love Birds  Teapot £40

V&A Brompton Rose Teapot £25


  1. I adore teapots too! My classic white Strawberry and Vine used to be kept for best then I realised it's stupid and kept it out even when not in use.


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