Getting the blogging Mojo back

It's been a loooonnnggg time and I'm sorry for staying away. Life got in the way, a crazy time working for an employer who contractually did not allow any social media for employees! But here I am and as we approach the shortest day these bleak dark mornings and nights have made me long for sunshine again.

To think last month I was in the Spanish sun (for a work function) basking in warm rays for 5 days. Despite the early 5am starts and not getting to sleep until 1am it was good to feel those rays on my skin. I was smothered in SPF 50 in my paranoid belief to deter wrinkles. I used a great sunscreen that acted like a perfect matt top coat Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence - the name doesn't trip off the tongue! Smells faintly of citrus which wears off quickly and is a very light cool gel when applied. It does not leave a white caste or sticky residual that other sunscreens can.

Another everyday sunscreen I have been trying out is Glossier Invisible Shield which is SPF 30 - make up sits great on top like a primer which I purchased at the recent Portland Place pop up Glossier hosted in London. So happy they now ship to the UK. What a lovely opportunity to play around with the make-up range - I had to add a tube of  Generation G semi matt lippie in Jam (reminds me of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey) and the Boy Brow which has now replaced my previous favourite Eyeko brow gel (how fickle I am!) and the Dotcom Balm in Birthday which smells of vanilla cake :-) which is a very versatile balm. You're supposed to dab on dry lips, cuticles and other flaky skin but I found myself applying it to my face after a very cold windy walk across London Bridge. It sorted out the wind chapness /redness.

xxx twosp


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