Getting dressed

I tuned in this week to watch Mary Berry's Christmas Show - it very sweet how all the 'guests' really wanted to make a good impression and hoped that Mary would like their festive party offering.

What impressed me most was a lady of her years wearing a low cut dress (the back) showing off her clavicles and neck. She's certainly got style and not afraid to wear what she wants; breaking the mold from what a TV personality should look like. 

I have been reading  a book recently by Nora Ephron 'I feel bad about my neck'. I think every Generation X should read this and appreciate themselves now and enjoy living in the current moment.  With young children, ageing parents , working full-time and facing the reality that you are no longer 25. It's easy to have dissatisfaction on certain parts of your body but would I want to be 25 again - hell no! I was Single and working in the crazy TV industry. 35?   nope was heavily pregnant and pukey, 45? well that mile stone had been and gone and it wasn't too bad! Now I am safely heading into middle age and something called pre-menopausal , I never knew that was a thing until recently.

Last month I went to a Gala dinner party, beautiful 5 star hotel, delicious 4 course meal , amazing wine and entertainment. I wore a bronze silk satin slip dress by Calvin Klein (think 90's Kate Moss) that I had bought in 1998 Miami. It still fitted me, with a little bit of help from spanx and I looked good! Take that Millennials (who were what the party was mostly made up of).

I have a ton of lovely Designer wear from yesteryear and I used to think I would pass them over to the daughter for when she is older but you know what? I think I will carry on wearing my lovely outfits :-)
Fluffy thing from New Look and necklace from Banana Republic (excuse the cropped out work colleague!) 

For more inspirations on being happy with yourself, read this from Betsy Johnson and her advice on work, life, love etc. 

twosp x


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