Making Mojito Mocktails

I never had a  Mr Frosty as a child, it was always in the Argos catalog but never made it onto my  childhood Christmas wish list. My parents were far too sensible to buy me one. Now I have children of my own, they too want one but I feel they should be deprived of one since I never got a Mr Frosty myself! It's only fair and I know the thing will break after a few uses; as crushing ice using plastic blades would be pretty useless (they may have had real metal blades back in the day).

Instead I have ordered an ice crusher from here which is more practical and this festive season I will be making mocktails for everyone. Refreshing drinks minus the hangover :-)

If you can get your hands on a bottle of the Teisseire Mojito sirop, they make a terrific party drink. It's always out of stock on the Ocado website but its worth hunting down for this minty sugary syrup. Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, pour in a good glug of the syrup and top with sparkling water and a sprig of mint. 

twosp x 


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