Winter White Out #snowday

 (stock photo from Canva)
The daffodils in the garden were just starting to bloom this week but have now been covered up in a blanket of snow! I guess Spring is going to be pushed back for a bit longer and Mother Nature will have to wait while the Polar Vortex blows itself out #beastfromtheeast.

I've never known Mr Fashion to be dressed and out the door so quick to get outside to play in the garden (on a school day) can you see how happy he looks?
More snow in and around the neighbourhood
Surprisingly in Central London the white stuff had settled. Photo of the steps of St Martins in the Fields church, Nelsons column and in the background Canada House
Seven Dials in Covent Garden and beautiful clear blue skies...which did not last long
Now I can't see the London Eye or the Shard from the 7th floor office window :-( 
Stay warm and safe everyone
twosp x 


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