3 in a row

Thank you purple ramblings for this award - its like buses, none at all and then 3 shows up! 
The rules are as follows:
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Right, takes deep breath, here I go
 I like to be the first person to use the bathroom in the mornings. If I'm not then I am grumpy for the rest of the day as I feel my whole start has been messed up 
(D I know you read my blog - BIG HINT)
I have always been a size 5 Uk/38 Eur shoe wearer but in my last pregnancy they went up half a size and then when down a whole size. During my second scan to 'sex' the baby, when pregnant with the Curly Haired Beauty; I asked the guy if my baby would have the same size feet as me, so she could inherit my shoes??? Obviously I was crazy with hormones to even say such things.
Twin thing - I part my hair on the right, my sister on the left
My right foot has a little bump (not a bunion) she has one on her left foot. 
We don't ever want to participate in any twin studies - Never
I would love to learn to fly a helicopter but I am afraid of heights
I have eaten all my children's chocolate Easter eggs - I would rather ruin my teeth than have theirs ruined. So that makes me a great mother!
I once desperately wanted to marry John Taylor from Duran Duran (I was a HUGE Durannie fan) but when he got hitched to a teenage Amanda de Cadenet I lost all respect for him. But I do like his second wife, Gela Nash one half of founders, Juicy Couture . Am tempted to stalk out Wiltshire as they have a manor house near Bath. Oh dear over-share I must still harbor feelings for John (real name Nigel!). 
Food porn shows upset me but I still watch them avidly. Tuesday nights can be back to back foodie TV programmes. Lots of shouting at the box. 


  1. Ha I was going to marry John Taylor too and was furious about Amanda de Cadnet. I've been passed his and Gela's house in a non stalky way as it is on way to where we got married!

  2. Hahahaaa food porn!! Gary Rhodes has to be the King of this...


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