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I have no idea why this has gone sideways so I hope you can read it! On-line sale starts on Thursday. Like I need another handbag - actually I do need/want another handbag! I deserve one after the week I've had.

Sorry for being all quiet on the blogging front. A week ago on Sunday, discovered the really hard way, the twins had an egg allergy. So a trip to A&E and told no more eggs and given some Priton! But with their 1st birthday beckoning I had to find a suitable cake - frantic calls to find a bakery that makes egg free cakes (its in everything including icing!) and located a great place which delivered the most beautiful cake ever. OK it meant the boys had to share it for their party but it was huge and I had two spare with-eggs cakes left over from Patisserie Valarie (couldn't cancel that order). We are caked out here....

A lovely time was had by all and the sun shone on Saturday which helped the occasion. I couldn't resist dressing up Thing 1 as Winnie the Pooh and Thing 2 as Tigger - a real photo op and they still can't smile readily for the cameras. Curly Haired Beauty wore her Hello Kitty dress but I had packed her Cinderella dress just in case she wanted to get into dress up mode too.


  1. I forgot to mention the in-store sale starts on Wednesday!

  2. at 16 Mercer Street London WC2H 9QE I forgot the address! V important!!!

  3. OMG petit garcon had the same an egg allergy. Don't worry they will grow out of it and now he is 4 and a half it has gone. At age 2 he was eating egg in cakes no probs!

    It is horrid isn't it - did they get a dreadful rash around their mouths? I am allergic to penicillin and prawns but egg allergy is usually infantile related and they grow out of it.

  4. Hi there-sorry to hear about the little ones, mind you, egg less cakes are very tasty indeed and are an excellent alternative!!


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