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Aldo has some great shoes in at the moment - a quick browse in my break and I've think I've  narrowed down my SS10 shoes . Notice they are all closed toes. Just perfect for lazy me who hasn't gotten round to a decent pedicure. I am not one of those people who dig out the flip flops when the first bit of sun breaks through. Although I noticed a lot of people have been guilty of that....sweetie you know who you are - flip flapping up the escalators, your hairy toes gave me such a fright! Put them away lovey or at least wax the blighters.  Just don't offend my eyes ever again. I am a sensitive sole - LOL


  1. No, hairy toes! I have to say summer is fright season in the city.

    No shoes yet and might have to look in Aldo instead!

  2. Thanks for the heads up (or soles up?)!


  3. So glad I am not the only one suffering at the hands of un-pedicured feet... So unsightly and so unneccesary, especially as it is not really even flip flop weather as yet :-(

  4. I love these...but I would break my neck in them!


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