Sun out/Legs out

It is a glorious day today - I am wearing my pale blue Marc Jacobs capri trousers and Ghost crepe mocha jacket with a nude coloured vest underneath. I dug out my silver canvas ballet pumps by Toast and its great to ditch the black opaque tights. But it's still April and I have already seen men and women walking about central London in shorts with bare pale pasty legs! I am appalled. Its not the summer yet - why have they got their legs out? Is it just me, but do you find hairy pale legs offensive?


  1. Hairy yes but I'm not so bothered by pale except when you get a glare off them! I always slap some Dove summer glow in medium on.

  2. I saw someone wearing flip-flops today with the most scabby feet I have EVER seen. I mean mine aren't pretty, and I don't demand that anyone who dons a pair of flip-flops gets a pedicure, but these feet were seriously gross.Uck.

  3. So with you about hairy legs - ugh!!

    Hope the good weather continues for you!


    PS Glad you like the Award - very well deserved!x

  4. I wouldn't get my legs out until I can be bothered to Fake Bake them!


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