Bragging - comes with a warning

Warning - this is a bragging post of 'Look what I bought', turn away now if you are reining in your spending habit, this will hurt your eyes.....

I've hit a few sample sales and although I tweeted about the haul and uploaded some hazy photos on twitpic, nothing really did justice how amazing some of the bargains I scored so this is a slightly smug in-depth blog post.

When I went to the Browns Secret Pop up Sale, I got the prettiest brightest summer silk dress (it matched my sofa cushions!). I had also tried on a pair of RM by Roland Mouret skinny satin trousers for £70. Now the label said size 8 - and lord thank goodness I wasn't sharing the make-shift changing cubicle because I couldn't get the trouser legs up my thigh, let alone my bum into those trousers. There was a zip up the back so I would have done some serious mooning if I had managed to get both my legs into those damn trousers. I'm not a big girl/woman and my usual size is a UK 8 or sometimes a US 0 (go figure Banana Republic sizing).

Seriously I don't know what size they really were except they were made for a much skinnier person than me! Luckily I don't have any body issues or felt the need to go on a crash diet after not fitting into them. I'm made of sterner stuff and never worry about the actual label number. I have been known to buy jackets or coats in *gasps* size 12, for a better fit across my broad shoulders (thanks dad). Nothing is more important than wearing clothes that fit you properly. You can splash the cash out for the most pricey designer gear but if it don't fit you well, then you won't look polished.

Kinda reminds me of AbFab - Jennifer Saunders character 'Eddy' who was kitted out head to toe in Christian Lacroix but always two sizes smaller. I'm using this as an excuse to show this clip - I loved that show!

Now the Erdem Sale was one of the best ones I ever went too. It was held at the Future Gallery, it was their first sample sale ever; I arrived early keen to get a head start but they were having a few set up problems and did not open the doors dead on 10.30am. I was first in the queue but wasn't allowed in. So I had to go into work (darn those people who pay me a monthly wage) and returned later. I'm so glad I did - it was shame all the silk scarves had sold out as I would dearly have loved a signature colourful printed one.

But after extensive searching through the rails I pulled out a silk Midnight/Mushroom Atalene Top (capped sleeves, nipped in waist with pelmet) and Bell Skirt in Nude Wool (more camel in colour though). £50 for each piece from the AW10 collection. I could never afford/justify to pay the full retail price for one Erdem item; so I felt elated I now own two pieces by a really talented designer.

Some of you may know I studied fashion design and actually learnt to design, pattern cut & sew my own outfits. I was OK but I was no couturier in my finish and my talents didn't really lie in Fashion Design. Which is why I switched over to Fashion Promotion and ended up as a Stylist.

The construction of each piece is amazing, the use of fabric and technique made me all teary eyed and gushy,the skill, the fit, I was going gaga and cooing over it like it was a newborn baby. Actually I probably show more enthusiasm  for my wardrobe than for my own children.....hey its hard being a mother to three small children DON'T JUDGE ME. Oh I also look like a total Serious Fashion Goddess. If I rocked up into your drinking den/restaurant/gig you would all stand to attention and salute me. Ah yes in my deluded cold remedy drug induced state I have reached a state of higher consciousness. That Sinutab/Sudofed/Night nurse remedy is working very nicely now...

Anyway back to the fashion stuff. I should have also bought the black wool/cashmere pencil skirt as it was lined in  Erderm's silk print. But I refrained as I didn't want to duplicate my wardrobe items - I already own 5 black skirts - did I need a 6th? My only teeny tiny bugbear is the top is hard to take off, with my broad shoulders its not the easiest thing to shimmer off. The way its been made for the tight fit across the torso had me contorting and straining (sweating and panicking).


  1. Hi there-brag away, sounds like you scored big time on these beautiful items, very well done indeed!! Thanks for your comment too, hubby ate the only licorice one I chose and it was the only flavour I hadn't shared with him-he said it wasn't that nice, but I'll have to try it one day, lol!!

  2. Wonderful! Lucky you!


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