If I was a rich man...da da da da da da da da da

Its Euro Millions Friday drawer tomorrow with an estimated win of 136,000,00 Euros. That's a lot of money and I spent my last bit of spare change (£2) on a lucky dip ticket. Will I be a winner? I shall probably forget to check my numbers and live in ignorance.

But of course if I was lucky enough to be a winner - I could own a lovely little French Chateau style home in Paris - the same one that Audrey Hepburn lived in with her Papa in 'How to Steal a Million'.. One of my all time favorite Audrey movies as it also stars Peter O'Toole - looking so handsome, ever so charming and witty. They really don't make movies like these any more.
Imagine leaving home for work every day from this abode- oh wait I don't need to work, I'm a EuroMillionaire.
Sweeping staircase anyone? Grand hallway perfect to park my bum to rest my weary legs after a hard's day shopping.

Why can't I get my hair to do that?

Isn't this the chicest driving outfit?

These two had so much on-screen chemistry. *Sigh*


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