Incredible Edible Gingerbread House

 Yesterday we went to a fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital held at Brunswick Centre near Russell Square. I took a very excited 4 years old Curly Haired Beauty, 8 year old niece and 7 year old nephew along with SiL. We arrived a little early and joined a queue of other parents/children and was entertained by Mr Candy and Miss Floss - who were at pains to tell us not to eat them out of house and home. It was a lovely build up and got the kids vocals warmed up before they let in a group of us in - hurrah we were in first! We were greeted by the smell of the most delicious gingerbread and a full size house made up of Gingerbread, icing, sweets, chocolates, ice cream cones, you name a sweet treat, it was there - AH-MAZING.

 Adults/carers had to stay behind the ribbon fence, this was for small people only!

The Cupcake lawn - look at all those cakes! My nephew guessed the flavour of the cupcake (elephant and lavender) and was presented with a miniature cupcake prize. 

Here is the Marshmallow waterfall, and the children were encouraged to use their pinchy fingers and help themselves to the sweets. You can't see the details properly but the edges of the 'waterfall' are Pink Panther wafer biscuits.

Now they are being explained the problems with the 'Jelly Rats' and help was needed to get rid of them as they were eating the house

Fingers at the ready to make a pop noise to turn the Jelly Rats into Popcorn. and lo and behold pop corn comes raining out of the chimney.

Onto the next part - story time with Miss Dipsy. Who is very forgetful and needed help to find her Gingerbread Journal, a big book (look behind you love)

Another fun bit, decorating your own gingerbread man

These didn't last very long, in fact they were scoffed before we left the building. We all had such a lovely time here. The stories, songs and actions were really well done and perfectly suited for the children's participation. Its such a shame we had to leave Mr Fashion and The Foley Artist behind at home with D. But at 2 years old and an attention span of a gnat it would have been impossible to keep them under control. Plus the little/big problem - Egg and Nut allergy is still an issue when 'dining' out.


  1. I heard about this, great to actually see what it was like. I hear you on the allergy, Erbie still off dairy, so the cupcake lawn would have been a step to far!


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