Champneys retreat

I had the luck to receive a Red Letter Day voucher as a thank you present from the office :-) so I chose a spa weekend break at Champneys at their Tring site. I have been a past visitor at Henlowe Grange but I was keen to check out the re-vamped Ting location and my goodness I was not disappointed.

D and I had picked the perfect weekend, full on glorious Indian Summer first weekend of October. Due to the bad traffic we arrived late so we missed the buffet lunch but as soon as we were checked in and the porter showed us to our very spacious superior room. We changed into our swimwear and donned the obligatory fluffy white robes and slipper. We had a good soak in the outside hot sunken hot tub and it felt very surreal to be wearing sunglasses, very LA darlings! Then we braved the sauna (I survived for 10 minutes) and chickened out of the cold plunge pool! Then onto some pampering; an amazing full body massage which really sorted out the knots and kinks in my back. Later in the day I went to a Perfect Posture class and learnt something new about my body - I have really tight hamstrings and buttocks....ouch!
 Part of the old Rothchild mansion, I just loved these large grand airy rooms
 The view of the magnificent ground with lots of places to lounge around to admire the gardens.

In the evening there was a music soiree for guests but D and I decided to play (badly) a game of snooker in the Games Room - lots of cheating on both sides! But I think D was impressed I actually managed to pot some balls...
 Mmmm the pink velvet sofa I converted; inside the Drawing a perfect place to read the Sunday papers
Part of my healthy breakfast - you don't see the stack of toast, bagels, cereals etc I scoffed as well.

The next day I did a Total Body Stretch class and my goodness I felt totally stretched out afterwards. Followed by a facial which kept my skin glowing for days. The therapist didn't do any hard sells of the product used (my pet hate) but I did go buy the collegen eye serum as it felt amazingly light and cool around my eyes. D had his feet revamped with a Deluxe pedicure - they didn't need to get the axel grinder but it was borderline on his feet. They have never felt so soft!

I will certainly be coming back here again (babysitters permitting) it was a real tonic to escape and have some real R&R for just the two of us.

This post is my honest opinion and I received no income for this review.


  1. Hi my dear-it really sounds like a decadent and indulgent weekend, so pleased you both had a fabulous time, it really looks very plush and chic there! x

  2. How wonderful you lucky girl, you must be working really hard to get that voucher!


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