Vessell Gallery

Be still my beating heart, This Pollo vase is back in stock at Vessel Gallery near Westbourne Grove. Its designed by a Finnish designer called Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal. D and I bought the smaller white version when we moved into our first marital home. Its amazingly tactile and very pleasing to hold. It holds a single stem flower beautifully (my maison choice du jour is an orchid*). I would forgo my coat fund to buy this larger version which is the size of a hen.

The staff at the gallery are amazingly knowledgeable, they actually get sent to visit the factories that produce these beautiful objects and come back armed with information about the techniques used, the designers history etc. So you feel very involved when you buy a work of art. Staff top tip : to keep the matt ceramic pristine a squirt of Cif on a soft cloths will remove fingermarks! 

Can you believe this Teddy Bear sculpture is made of ceramic? Designed by Bodil Soderlund.
Should I invest in one of these - start the kids early in ceramic art appreciation?

*Excuse the French lingo


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